Custom building a home is never a small undertaking, as I humbly learned in my first project. After interviewing four builders, I selected Discovery Development Group, which is owned and run by James. I treated the interview process for selecting a builder the same way I would go about hiring an executive in my own business. I had heard plenty of horror stories, and I knew it would take the better part of year from start to finish, so having someone who was “on my team” was very important.

Most people will talk about how amazing their house is, which James did a fantastic job building mine! It has been in a number of magazines and featured in a commercial for TV; his product speaks for itself. What you can’t see when you look at a house are all the little things that are done by the builder. Everything from design input, to cost-effective ways to maximize your budget, to the human element. For me, the most important aspects of working with James were his patience, communication, organization, and execution.

My house has been built for over 12 months, and I still speak to James on a regular basis. Not because he still has any obligation to me, but because throughout the build process we opened up as individuals and became friends. He is a genuine friend to this day, and I am glad that our paths crossed. This will not be the only custom home I build, but James will be my only builder.