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Design phase

Many potential clients come to us with stamped plans in hand ready to move directly to pricing and permitting, however there is often a desire to involve their builder earlier on in the design process to either gain a builder’s perspective or becuase they simply want the whole team involved from the beginning. We specialize in working with Home owners, Architects, and Engineers in the project development phase of home design when that is needed. There is usually an established hourly fee or flat fee that is negotiated for our involvement in the design phase that is brokered directly with the client.

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Building of new custom homes

Over the years we have developed a very fluid system, a strong core of loyal sub-contractors, and high finish standards that we believe help us to build a very fine home. One of our strongest points as a company is the ability to participate in any phase of construction, but that is namely because we build many new homes which requires a complete knowledge of each phase in the building process.

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Renovations and additions to existing homes

This is one of the fastest growing areas in our company as so many people are moving into the area or as those who live here want to expand in order to house an in-home office or completely change their existing home. We have become experts at renovating homes in the Low Country and have the staff, vendors, and managers to bring essentially any idea to life for an existing property.

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Historic Restoration

Due to the geographic location of our company and our reputation we have been brought into a number of historic projects on the peninsula. This type of work requires a special group of artisans and a management team that is well versed with the (BAR) Board of Architectural Review guidelines and requirments. Many of these projects are not only tedious in nature, but can have an increased level of risk due to the fragility of some of the structural components. This being a very real issue, it is imperative to hire someone who truly understands the structural components and that can forsee issues that can be dangerous, costly, or both.

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Kitchen and bathroom renovations

More often than not if someone is wanting to invest money into their home it is going to be in one of these two spaces. The kitchen, which I call “the heart of the home” is where you will usually see your greatest return whether you’re selling the house or planning to live in it. Because of this we get a lot of requests to perform kitchen renovations and facelifts. Second only to kitchens are bathrooms, and namely master bathrooms. As styles change or as houses change hands bathroom spaces are very commonly given majore makeovers. We’ve developed a real niche for this aspect of renovation as well.

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Often homeowner’s will want to take on a project as an “Owner Builder” to help with their overall budget without paying a Contractor Fee or simply because they truly want to build their own home. That being said they often need direction and some hand holding throughout the process or at certain points along the way. Our structure for helping in these circumstances is typically to establish an hourly rate and be availabe as necessary for the homeowner, however each project may be shaped differently depending on the specifics of the job.

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Realty pre-closing inspections

Many times before a real estate deal can be closed, and typically after the Home Inspector has listed his discoveries, lending institutions will want a licensed contractor to come and investigate structural concerns or other high risk issues. We offer this service with a letter for the lender of purchaser for a varying fee depending on what is involved.

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