Houston Green

Houston Green

Project Manager

Introducing Houston Green, the newest addition to the Discovery Development Group team, and a force to be reckoned with! Born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, Houston brings a deep-rooted passion for his work and an unwavering determination to make a lasting impact.

Houston’s journey began at Clemson University, where he eagerly immersed himself in the fascinating world of understanding human behavior and society, earning him a Sociology degree in 2015. Little did he know then, that this foundation in understanding people would shape his trajectory in project management.

His professional path took an exciting turn, when he ventured to the bustling city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As an assistant branch manager for a prominent roofing distribution company, he honed his leadership skills and embraced the challenge of overseeing complex projects. With a keen eye for detail and a natural ability to adapt, he thrived under pressure and consistently exceeded expectations.

Driven by a thirst for new challenges and personal growth, Houston decided to relocate to Charleston, South Carolina, to join Discovery Development Group. As he embarks on this exciting new chapter, Houston is filled with anticipation and genuine eagerness to learn from the ground up. His fast-paced learning style and natural leadership qualities position him as a rising star within the company.

Outside of work, Houston is an avid outdoor enthusiast who enjoys exploring the natural beauty of his new home in Charleston, his fourth city in the past six years. He cherishes quality time spent with his girlfriend, loved ones, and their beloved family dogs.